crowleyMembership in the O.T.O. is through initiation.

Any person age 18 or older is entitled to initiation to the degree of Minerval. As a Minerval you are a Welcome Guest of Horus Oasis, but not a full member. You are free to attend all public and private activities (except initiations for higher degrees). One of the purposes of the Minerval Degree is to provide you a chance to interact with the O.T.O. before deciding to become a full member, by being initiated to the First Degree.

Any person age 21 or older is entitled to initiation to the First through Fourth degrees of the O.T.O. There is a minimum waiting period between degrees. This time allows you to do the work associated with the degree, and to allow the initiation to ‘soak into’ your psyche.

All initiations require that two O.T.O. members of at least that degree sponsor you. There are also initiation fees, and for First Degree or higher you need to be dues current with the U.S. Grand Lodge.

More information, along with official policy, are available on the U.S. Grand Lodge web site.

Getting Started

Interested in membership or initation? Just curious, but don’t want to jump in too fast?

The first step is to meet us and let us meet you. Meet us for coffee. Attend Gnostic Mass. Attend a few classes or discussion groups. Talk to us and see what we are all about.

The Public Information Officer of U.S. Grand Lodge publishes these¬†FAQ’s¬†which answer common questions about O.T.O. and Thelema.

When you are ready for initation, ask for the application forms and we will guide you through the steps to make it all happen.

Other Membership Options

Membership in the E.G.C. (Gnostic Catholic Church) is separate from the O.T.O. and is solemnized with Baptism then Confirmation. This is an excellent choice if you are committed to attending Gnostic Mass, but the O.T.O. doesn’t appeal to you. (Note that Gnostic Mass is open to all members of the public, regardless of member status in either the O.T.O. or the E.G.C.)

You can become a Corresponding Associate of the O.T.O. if you don’t live near a local body, or if you want to support the work of Thelema without becoming an initiate. This is done through the U.S. Grand Lodge.